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We’ve been building canoes since 1993. We made them for and with our children, and later with friends, and people kept asking us if they could come and build boats with us.

We have a large workshop by the River Wreake, so you get to try our canoes before you build your own.

There are two options, an intensive 3 day course, or a more leisurely week’s holiday.

We currently offer three canoes:

Huron 4 ( 4 metre or 13 foot) solo canoe

Lakota ( 15’6” tandem canoe

Lakota 17 ( 17 foot tandem canoe)

The process is very straightforward, if you take time to peruse all our photos you will soon get the idea, so you can build your own canoe at home.

However, if you would prefer to come to us, and build your canoe here, we provide:

Space in  our workshops and lean-to

Accommodation options

All Materials

Tools ( mainly traditional hand tools)

Safety wear


Assistance ( as much or as little as you want)

Basically we find people are astonished what they can achieve in the time, given all the right materials and equipment, and with experienced help at hand.

You will be delighted with your canoe ( or you can leave it with us and have your money back)