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All our current canoes are made using the tried and tested “Stitch and Glue” technique.

The main canoe we build is the Lakota, which is a standard 15’6” canoe which is equally suited to tandem or solo paddling, and can take a small family, or someone wanting to go camping with all their kit. Most people opt for the standard Lakota, which is light enough to carry single handed and is big enough for most purposes.

A derivative we build is the Huron, ( seen above, being launched by a client in summer 2013). This is a lighter, shorter version, featuring a more upswept gunwale, and is mainly suited to solo paddling. The Huron is just 4 metres long.

Another version we build is the Lakota 17. This costs a little more to build, and is 17 feet long. This canoe weighs around.

Another option we do is help people put their own designs of boats together. Unfortunately due to the additional time, materials and in particular time we need to devote to these projects, I do have to charge rather more than  we normally charge for our regular canoes ( all sorts of details need special jigs making up, and little snags arise which need overcoming, all of which take considerably more time than simply building a canoe we are familiar with)

Before deciding which canoe to build, we recommend you try our canoes on our stretch of river right next to the workshops..

Birchcanoes Lakota

Birchcanoes Huron

Birchcanoes Lakota 17

Birchcanoes Lakota 17 fitted with the clients own sails